Transmitting Clean Energy

For a cleaner future

The transmission system plays an important role in the power delivery system by establishing the vital link between the generating stations and the distribution system, which is connected to the ultimate consumer. The transmission network has grown over the years for the evacuation of power from Intra-state & Inter-State generating stations to load centers through Intra-State and Inter-State Transmission Systems (ISTS) and the strengthening of the existing network to accommodate the projected peak demand.

The Indian power sector is undergoing a substantial change that has led to the refinement of the industry and its outlook on this aspect. India’s need for power is still being propelled by sustained economic expansion. The Government of India’s emphasis on achieving “Power for all” has raced the country’s capacity expansion. In parallel, the supply and demand sides of the market are growing more competitive (fuel, logistics, money, and manpower).

According to estimates, solar energy will contribute 114 GW by 2022, followed by 67 GW from wind energy and 15 GW each from biomass and hydropower. By 2022, the target for renewable energy has been raised to 227 GW.

Juniper Green Energy is looking for opportunities in the Transmission Sector for the development of Inter and Intra State Transmission Systems and has formed a new company namely, “Juniper Green Transmission Private Limited”. The Group has pledged to empower the nation by transmitting reliable power and creating value for our investors.

By leveraging the strengths of the solar business and having developed approximately 44 km of transmission line, we are exploring market opportunities for the expansion of transmission projects and have already begun building the team for entering the vast potential of India’s transmission sector.