Juniper Green Energy


Million Tonnes CO2 Avoided Per Year


Million Litres Water Saved Per Year


Local Jobs Created

Juniper believes that it must and will significantly contribute to a healthy, sustainable, and equitable future, so that a transition towards a low carbon economy can be achieved. Climate action in India is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity and Juniper believes and practise a ESG driven approach towards its investments.

Aligning our mission with UNSDG

Juniper treads forward with the core motive of synchronising the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to provide clean and affordable renewable energy solutions while keeping the health and well-being of the community in check.

We focus on generating electrical power from renewable energy, thereby displacing non-renewable fossil resources for long-term economic and environmental development. Our project activities not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also aim for overall social, environmental, economic, and technical well-being.

Robotic Cleaning

Robotic cleaning can increase energy output and lower solar project operating and maintenance costs.

Water is a basic human need and should be easily accessible to all. The traditional method of cleaning modules requires incessant water to wash them manually using human labour. Water scarcity, expensive labour and solar projects located in arid and drought-prone regions makes the whole process unsustainable for the life of the solar asset.

Juniper has determined to concentrate on improving the water security in the communities its works. Therefore, it adopts waterless cleaning technologies in its solar assets. Robotic cleaning not only eliminates the use of water for cleaning the panels but also makes economic sense by  increase the energy output and  decreasing the operations and maintenance cost.


Tree Plantation Drive

Tree plantation is a regular activity at Juniper. Our team makes sure to conduct regular tree plantation drives on and around the project sites. Simultaneously, we ensure that various awareness programmes and tree plantation drives are carried out at the school & village community level. We are not only reducing our carbon footprints, but we are also aiding to combat climate change by revital-ising vital ecosystems, restoring degraded soils and land, improving water quality, and assisting local communities economically and culturally

Clean Water Drive

Clean water is a basic human need, and one that should be easily accessible to all. There is sufficient fresh water on the planet to achieve this. However, due to poor infrastructure, investment and planning, every year millions of people, most of them children, die from diseases associated with inadequate water supply & hygiene issues. It is estimated that 1 in 10 people (785 million) still lack basic services, including the 144 million who drink untreated surface/ground water.

With this thought, Juniper, as a part of regular community-stakeholder consultation has installed Reverse Osmosis units at various schools in the community we work. The RO units not only lower the high TDS content in the water but also reduces water borne illnesses. It ensures a regular supply of clean water in the communities we work.

Educational Aid Drive


Often, physically and mentally challenged children are made subjects of sympathy. We should remember that a physically or mentally challenged child requires our empathy. These children have special needs which we need to fulfil.

Many Schools do not accept differently abled children because they consider it a burden and so they do not allow those special children to enrol into their prestigious schools. Further, this leads the child to face discrimination within the family & society.

Ankur Karnabadhir Nivas Vidyalaya (Semi-Govt), registered under the PWD act (reg no 0880 dated 25.01.2005) located in village Kusamba, district Dhule, Maharashtra has been doing this benevolent work of identifying & enrolling special kids right from age of 4 years till 18 years from distant & remote locations of Maharashtra, providing them special education as per govt curriculum through special education instructors with full-time residence at the school itself.

Nisagra Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd has presence in the Dhule district since 2019, having ground-mounted solar projects installed with 70 MW generation capacity (7 x 10MW). While we generate clean green energy, we also aid & conduct social responsibility initiatives within the community-dwelling near our projects installed. We periodically interact with the local stakeholders to understand their essential needs, thereby fulfilling it to a possible extent so as to ease their way of living & ensure fulfilment of sustainable development goals (SDGs)

With this thought, Nisagra Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd, as a part of regular community-stakeholder consultation, has provided visual educational aid items like a Desktop, Projector, Black Board, Sports kit for school & other residential utilities like Cupboards for the residential quarters of the kids at Ankur Karnabadhir Nivas Vidyalaya, Kusamba-Dhule. These visual aid items shall aid ease for the students to study on day to day basis; also the residential aid materials shall aid smooth living to them.